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Ashley Hegburg of Hoak Insurance Services Promoted to Office Manager of New Bethlehem Branch

Ashley Hegburg from Hoak Insurance Services is the best example of “working your way up.”  Ashley came to Hoak Insurance Services 5 years ago with her health license having had a career with AFLAC.  Looking for a change, Hoak Insurance was the perfect fit to harbor her insurance skills while providing a brick and mortar office with many resources.  If you know anything about Ashley, it’s that she picks up things quickly.  Ashley is a person born to help others.  It’s not a choice she makes, it’s just who she is.  So given the opportunity to work reception in the Reynoldsville location,  it didn’t take long for Ashley to study and acquire her Life license as well as her property and casualty license so that she could provide a wide array of services to the people she met.   With these licenses obtain within the first three months of her employment with the agency coupled with Erie insurance and Hoak insurance training programs, Ashley was well equipped to provide auto, home & life advice and service.  

Ashley didn’t stop there.  In 2022, Ashley completed her CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative) designation. To earn this prestigious designation, a licensed agent must complete a 5 part series of extensive tests with passing grades in each part in a short time frame.  Well, it is no surprise that Ashley Hegburg, CISR, chose to do this not only for professional development in her career, but because by knowing more about the products and services she offers, she knew she would be able to provide even better advice to those she helps.  Ashley was the first in the Hoak Insurance Agency to receive this prestigious designation. She set a great example to her peers and colleagues by inspiring others to try for this designation as well.  

When Hoak Insurance Services decided on hiring a full time manager for the New Bethlehem Branch it was no question that Ashley was the agent for the job.  Director of Underwriting and Sales, Steve Hoak, CIC, who has worked in the agency for 16 years felt Ashley was more than ready to take on the role.  “Ashley has a significant understanding of products and policies in all fields.  She knows the front end with the customers and the back end with carriers and underwriting.  She’s the woman for the job.”  Ashley’s five years of experience with the agency has allowed her to grow into an incredible agent who has worked one on one in a successful capacity with all of her colleagues throughout Hoak’s 4 branches.  Ashley wasn’t worried about relocating to the town of New Bethlehem because she already had worked with many of the clientele from that office.  She was eager to help.  

Ashley’s influence in our New Bethlehem branch has been nothing but positive.  Since acquiring the role of New Bethlehem office manager six months ago, Ashley has met with many local clients one on one to introduce herself.  Ashley has attended local events and fundraisers.  Last spring Ashley attended the Purse Bingo Event hosted by the library.  Ashley won a gift certificate to Sweet Delights and commented, “The girls in New Bethelehem work so hard.  I wanted to share it with them.  We enjoyed visiting Penny every Friday for the rest of summer getting our ice cream and lunch fix.  It was great!”  Ashley worked with Director of Agency Operations Katie Hoak Peterson and together they hired their first Redbank Valley graduate Emmaleigh Rupp after participating in Blaine Gold’s program for seniors to create resumes, apply and participate in real life interviews.  While the exercise was supposed to be practice for the real world, Ashley and Katie felt Emmaleigh was a mature and motivated young woman who had a real shot at insurance.  6 months later, Emmaleigh is now licensed in property and casualty and eager to share her success story with her peers.  

Ashley’s vision for the New Bethlehem branch is to continue to provide excellent service by meeting with her clients to review and make sure they understand the coverage they have and provide the opportunity to ask questions and learn about endorsements, policy features, and other products that may be available.  Ashley is comfortable reviewing on the phone, meeting in the office or making house calls.  With the office fully staffed with New Bethlehem locals Kathie Johnston, Shontelle McKinney and Emmaleigh Rupp, Ashley is confident in the day to day operations the Broad Street, New Bethlehem branch provides.  Owner Gene Hoak commented, “Ashley Hegburg moving to a management role in our New Bethelehem office has been a great decision.  In the short time Ashley has been in this role, she has already done great things.  She’s a great leader.  We are proud to have such an excellent agent representing us.”

Hoak Insurance Services and Ashley Hegburg want to thank our clients as they supported and endured this transition.  Hoak’s provides feedback opportunities in several different ways including their claims advocacy program and email surveys.  Hoak Insurance is so pleased to know our clients have taken the time to let us know about their experience with their policies or claims.  It’s not only helpful in transitions like this one to make sure the clients are still getting the service they need and deserve, but provides the agency the opportunity to keep the line of communication open so they can reach out and get involved when needed!  Ashley Hegburg’s promotion to office manager has been a successful transition and Ashley hopes if you are in the area, please stop in and introduce yourself.  She looks forward to it!

Ashley Hegburg, CISR, is located in the New Bethlehem location at 350 Broad Street.  Direct line for the New Bethlehem is 814-275-2270 or email Ashley at .  Other branches of Hoak insurance are located in Brookville, Reynoldsville and Louisville, KY.  To learn more about Hoak insurance Services or request info, visit